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Golf is an institution in Britain. It is almost as important to us as football and fish and chips. Therefore, it should be no surprise that tens of thousands of people play throughout the British Isles every year. If you are one of those players, have you ever considered purchasing golf insurance? Yes, golf insurance is real. Moreover, it is very affordable as well. There are specialist insurance companies all over the UK offering policies covering everything from personal injuries to liability.

Before we talk about how to purchase the insurance, let us talk about why it is a good idea. According to Golf Care, one of those specialist insurers we just mentioned, more than 12,400 golfers suffer injuries requiring hospital treatment every year. The hospital will take care of your treatment, but what if your injuries cause you to lose work. What if there were some other related expenses you did not have the money to pay for?

Worse yet, what if you inadvertently injure another player with a stray shot? A court case could result in you being forced to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to the victim. Golf insurance would cover that liability – but only if you had it.

Of course, there is also the matter of lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. Golf insurance covers clubs, balls, trolleys and buggies, whether you are playing close to home or far away. Many policies even offer international cover.

Purchasing Insurance

Purchasing golf insurance is a lot like purchasing car insurance. You can visit the websites of individual insurers or call them on the phone one by one. Alternatively, you can use a comparison website such as The obvious advantage of a comparison website is that it saves you the hassle of having to spend hours upon hours contacting individual insurers.

Other comparison websites you can use include Money Supermarket and Bear in mind that these two sites search insurance quotes from the standpoint of taking a golf holiday rather than simply covering all of your golf throughout the year. This type of insurance might be a better option if you are planning to insure more than just your weekly golf game.

Companies Offering Golf Insurance

Whether you use a comparison website or not, you will eventually be working directly with the insurance provider to work out your policy details. Living in the Internet age means it is now possible to do everything online without ever talking to a human representative. If that is the way you prefer to purchase insurance, you are set to go after visiting the comparison website. If you prefer human contact, you will spend a little more time on the job.

To get you started, we have put together a list of specialist insurers offering affordable golf policies. Please understand that this list is not an endorsement of any of these companies. We provide this list only for your general information.

  • Golf Care – Golf Care provides two kinds of golf insurance: equipment and liability insurance and golf travel cover. They offer options to include your equipment, injuries, liability, and third-party property damage, along with a 14-day money back guarantee. They also promise to beat any other price out there for comparable coverage. If you find a similar plan for less money, they will pay you the difference.
  • Golf Shield – This company offers cover for your equipment, personal injury, and third-party property damage. Included in every policy is 180 days of international cover as well. Their policies even include reimbursement of membership fees if illness or injury prevents you from playing.
  • Insure4Sport – This is a specialist insurer concentrating on sporting activities. For golf, they offer three kinds of policies: standard, advanced, and premier. All three offer varying levels of protection for equipment, liability, and property damage.
  • Eversure Insurance – Eversure offers a comprehensive golf insurance policy that covers everything you would expect. They offer five different levels, with varying amounts of cover for each item. What makes this company different is that some of their policies include annual excess. Keep that in mind when you shop.
  • The Golfers Club – Insurance from the Golfers Club is offered through five different policy options covering everything from the basics up to worldwide cover no matter where you play. All policies come with a package of special benefits that include free rounds of golf at select courses.

We have only listed five insurance providers here. We could have listed more, but there are literally dozens of companies specialising in golf cover. In addition, your current car or home insurance company might also be able to add golf cover to your insurance policy for a nominal fee. The only way to figure out the best deal for your circumstances is to compare.

How to Compare

As mentioned earlier, purchasing golf insurance is a lot like purchasing car insurance. Comparing policies is a matter of getting as many quotes as you can and then looking at each of the items offered side-by-side. It’s also useful to get quotes from insurance companies who don’t advertise on price comparison sites. The major difference between the two kinds of insurance is that the variation in policies among golf insurers is a lot less drastic. In other words, golf insurance policies tend to be fairly similar where car insurance can be drastically different.

When you are comparing, pay attention to the following things:

  • Golf Equipment – It is important for you to know the upper limit of what the policy offers for equipment. You also need to know what equipment is covered. Is it just your clubs and bag, or does the policy also cover your shoes, clothing, trolley, GPS, rangefinder, etc.?
  • Personal Liability – This cover is to protect you against financial loss should you inadvertently injure someone else. It is recommended that you settle for nothing less than at least several million pounds.
  • Personal Injury – This cover takes care of any injury related costs that are not covered by standard medical treatment with the NHS. Some policies include hospitalisation and dental cover as part of personal injury; others consider them separate covers. You need to know exactly what is covered under the personal injury portion of a policy.
  • Third-Party Damage – If your actions result in damage to someone else’s property, say a buggy owned by the golf club for example, this cover takes care of it. It would also pay to take care of damage you might cause to another player’s equipment.
  • Membership Fees – If you should decide to join a club, only to be prevented from playing due to injury or illness, this kind of cover will reimburse your membership fees.
  • Hole-in-One Cover – This type of cover is technically not insurance. It is more like a reward for having hit a hole in one. Some companies offer this as a standard part of their policies because they want their customers to be able to enjoy celebrating their accomplishment without spending a lot of money out of pocket.

As with any kind of insurance, bottom line price is not necessarily the most important factor. The idea of comparing golf insurance policies is one of determining value. In other words, what are you getting for the amount of money you are paying? Determining value is really what tells you whether a particular policy is worth purchasing or not.

In closing, are you familiar with a former PGA professional by the name of Lee Trevino? His story is a classic example of why it is worth spending a few pounds to purchase golf insurance if you play regularly.

Treving was playing in the Western Open near Chicago in 1975 when he was struck by lightning on the 13th green. He survived, but he suffered serious spinal injuries that required multiple surgeries. Even after recovering, he was plagued by back problems for the remainder of his career.

As a professional making a good living playing golf, Trevino was not concerned about the expenses related to his injuries. The rest of us do not have that luxury. Therefore, while the chances of you being struck by lightning on the golf course are very slim, you could easily be one of the 12,000+ who head to the hospital each year with golf-related injuries. On the other hand, you could be among the tens of thousands who have to replace equipment after loss, theft, or accidental damage.

If you are a regular golfer, you would do well to consider purchasing an inexpensive insurance policy. Many policies can be had for under £50 per year, for a very good cover. It is a small price to pay to protect yourself, your health, and all that equipment you paid so much money for.